Cleanser Decision Overload?

With so many options, how do you know which cleanser to choose? 

If you've ever strolled the aisles of Ulta or scrolled through the Sephora website, you know the options are endless. It can be difficult to know if the cleanser you've been recommended is going to help you achieve skin goals, or if it's just the new hot product on the shelf.

Normal, oily, or dry skin, this guide is here to help.


Congratulations! The natural oils in your skin helps maintain the skin barrier. Your skin has a leg up to get the natural sheen that's trending right now. It can be frustrating to find that balance between grease pot & glowing goddess. Using a harsh cleanser might make you skin feel super tight and clean, but can damage your efforts for balanced, glowing skin. Choosing a gel cleanser, like the Indie Lee: Brightening Cleanser that is going to both remove makeup and grime while keeping the skin barrier intact is key here.


A splash of water and you're all set? Think again. Your skin is more balanced, but can still be prone to inflammation and redness throughout the day. Preserving moisture while calming inflammation is what you'll want to look for in a cleanser. An oil based cleanser with soothing ingredients, like the Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser or the Creamy Dreamy Cleanser, will multitask like no other - giving your skin a gentle cleanse with added nutrients.


You want to steer clear from anything that is going to strip the oils from your skin's surface. That can be challenging with so many harsh cleansers on the market. Choosing a rich cleanser that will nourish your skin to prevent dryness is what you want to look for. A milk based cleanser, like the Body Deli: Almond Milk Cleanser, helps moisturize your skin while it removes any buildup from your day.

You can't change your skin type or the environmental factors you face, but you can choose the right products to help you get the skin you want.

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