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GLO on the GO The At-Home Luxury Facial
GLO on the GO The At-Home Luxury Facial
GLO on the GO The At-Home Luxury Facial
GLO on the GO The At-Home Luxury Facial
GLO on the GO The At-Home Luxury Facial
GLO on the GO The At-Home Luxury Facial


GLO on the GO The At-Home Luxury Facial

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Shipping July 2020 Edition: Increased heat and peak humidity are seen in July, for your skin this means increased congestion, increased sebum and clogged pores.  GLO on the GO this month double exfoliates your skin with a physical and chemical exfoliant.  We will use an exclusively new product to cool skin temperature called Cooling Jelly, similar to our famous in store facial popsicles. 

 Products included for July:

  • Matcha Cleanser
  • Matcha Physical Scrub 
  • Prism AHA / BHA Exfoliation  
  • Marigold Cooling Jelly
  • Hyaluronic Lip Gel Mask 
  • GLO•UP Moisture & SPF45
  • GLO PACK 3 Step Next Day System  (mask included)
  • GLO headband
  • GLO Skincare / Makeup Bag *new subscribers
  • Step by step facial instructions

A curated monthly facial experience from our stores to your home. GLO on the GO is designed to complement our FreshGLO in-store experience curated monthly by Dr. Arleen Lamba.

GLO on the GO is an at-home facial kit that unlocks your skin's full potential, right from the comfort of your home. Your perfect skin, right on schedule.

Each kit is an all-inclusive treatment, backed by science (from specialty masks, peels, tools–every treatment is a complete facial based on what your skin needs that month).

Each GLO on the GO kit is curated monthly with new & focused skincare products. These products are designed to be used sequentially with our step by step instructional guide for your at-home facial.

We are not a traditional subscription box, where random samples are dumped for you to try. We curate. We edit. We create. 

Everything you need! 

Each GLO on the GO is thoughtfully put together with one goal in mind - to make your skin GLO. It has everything you will need for that month's facial.  From balms, cleansers, exfoliators, tools, masks....the possibilities are endless in what will come in your kit.  One GLO on the GO kit is designed to be done one time in its entirety.  The goal is to use the right amount of skincare so you don’t over apply or under apply. No heavy investment on products that sit on your shelf, get stale, and don't combine well with your daily routine.  Although you'll likely get a few extra applications out of at least one of the products for the month! 

Healthy skin relies on various factors, such as the products you use, how you use them, and when it is optimal to use them.  External factors such as diet, weather, air quality, lifestyle, and hydration levels also affect the look and feel of your skin. GLO on the GO is designed to target your skin’s optimal health taking into account the changing environmental scenarios we face each month.

Enjoy free shipping. No commitment - skip, pause, or cancel anytime. 

Meet The Missing Part of Your Skincare Routine

Facials can exist outside of the spa.

We're bringing our award winning facials from our DC locations straight to your home, every month.

Each kit comes with products chosen specifically for the month, including cleansers, exfoliators, masks

and moisturizers - in the perfect amount (no wasted product!).

You'll even have step-by-step instructions to give yourself the perfect at-home facial.


No commitment. Skip, pause, or cancel at any time.

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