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GLO•ROLL Full Size Trial Kit

GLO•ROLL Full Size Trial Kit

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Our revolutionary nano needle device-now in roller form for home use- will give your skin a results driven experience like no other.  

GLO•ROLL is designed to deliver GLO•TOX — our exclusive masterful formula that is designed to mimic the effects of traditional hyaluronic filler & Botox.  

This “mother of all” facials will give you micro doses of medical-grade ingredients to soften wrinkles, smoothen scars, and replace lost volume.  

Designed to complement our in store Nano•GLO treatment or can be done as a stand alone.   

A nano-needling device, that painlessly delivers GLO•TOX, our proprietary "filter" skin cocktail. The device has a reservoir that will be filled with GLO•TOX and then applied gently to the surface of your skin. Single use & disposable. Fresh device mailed right to you each month.    

We were inspired by

traditional hyaluronic fillers & Botox that are used to smoothen complexion, replenish volume, and erase wrinkles.  So we formulated a safe, natural, and non-injectable alternative for a similar effect --meet our proprietary GLO•TOX.

Unlike, traditional injectables which use long scary needles with risk of bruising, GLO•TOX is gently infused into the skin with our delivery tool, GLO•ROLL.  All without injections and in the comfort of your home.    

GLO•TOX contains micro doses of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidant that penetrate into your skin with the help of GLO•ROLL.  Enhancing your GLO by replacing depleted collagen, decreasing pore size, and softening scars.  Experience why our Members say this filter facial is a must!

Your monthly GLO will come with a brand new GLO•ROLL device, GLO•TOX, pre & post treatment products, GLO headband, and a Lumi Bag.