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GLO on the GO


GLO on the GO

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Now Shipping June 2020 Edition.

Clean. Exfoliate. Tone. Hydrate.  

A curated monthly facial experience from our stores to your home. GLO on the GO is designed to complement our FreshGLO in store experience. 

An at home facial kit that unlocks your skins full potential, right from the comfort of your home. Your perfect skin, right on schedule.

What you’ll get: the best facial of your life. At Home.

All inclusive treatment, backed by science (from specialty masks, peels, tools–each treatment is a complete facial based on what your skin needs that month).

Each GLO on the GO is curated monthly with new & focused skincare products. These products are designed to be used sequentially with our step by step instructional guide for your at home facial.

We are not a traditional subscription box, where random samples are dumped for you to try. We curate. We edit. We create. 

    What’s comes in GLO on the GO: everything you need!

    Each GLO on the GO is thoughtfully put together with one goal in mind--to make your skin GLO. It has everything you will need to do that month's facial.  From balms, cleansers, exfoliators, tools, masks....the possibilities are endless in what will come in your kit.  One GLO on the GO kit is designed to be done one time in it's entirety.  You usually will have extra product applications you can continue to use that week. The goal is to use the right amount of skincare so you don’t over apply or under apply. No heavy investment on products that sit on your shelf, get stale, and don't combine well with your daily routine.  

    Healthy skin depends on various factors. Such as the products you use, how use them, and when it is optimal to use them.  External factors such as diet, weather, air quality, lifestyle, and hydration levels also affect the look and feel of your skin. GLO on the GO is designed to target your skin’s optimal health taking into account the changing environmental scenarios.What’s comes in GLO on the GO: everything you need!